Legal Disclaimer

CAUTION: If you purchase any receiver BLANK that is the “Original” ID with the intent to build a semi-auto AND you have possession of a complete parts kit, you will be considered in constructive possession of an NFA weapon and intent to build an unregistered MG by the BATF.

If you intend to build a legal semi-auto, you should first determine how you want to approach your build, what guidelines you should follow to remain legal, and how you will modify the “Original” ID receiver so that it can NOT be used to manufacture an MG or SMG.

We recommend that if you already have a parts kit, that you destroy, or otherwise dispose of any and all full auto components prior to purchasing a receiver blank.

If you have not purchased a parts kit yet, then before you do, modify the receiver in the fashion that you have determined, prior to ordering your parts kit.

All of our products are intended for the semi-auto only home builder or for licensed dealers building “Post Dealer Samples” with the appropriate approved forms. We do not promote or advise the building of any type of Full Auto firearms.

All ATF/NFA rules apply to purchases made from this site. The information/products in these web pages are not intended to be used to construct illegal firearms. For legal semi-auto and dummy gun information, contact BATF.

By purchasing any of our products, you hereby affirm that you have read, understand and agree to these statements and that you will follow ALL applicable NFA/BATF rules and regulations.

Please be advised that these receiver blanks are intended for the home hobbiest with some metal working knowledge and are rough blanks.